MoonSong Sanctuary

A safe place to remember & be your truest self

MoonSong Sanctuary

A safe place to embody & be your truest self

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The Bliss of Authenticity

Beautiful moon in blue and gold

Befriend your own true nature

Empower your inner healer

Self-express in like-hearted circles

Gift the planet with your medicine

In this, Bliss is found

Sanctuary Offerings

To live a harmonious life in balance with your unique nature, and offer your gifts to the world, what do you need?

Symbol of ayurvedic healing

Ayurvedic Healing


Reclaim your body's innate healing wisdom through diet & lifestyle, daily self-care, seasonal rituals, and authentic living.

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Symbol of shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing


Receive guidance, spirit healing, and unlock hidden potential through direct revelation with divine intelligence.

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Symbol of mantra therapy healing

Mantra Therapy


Create collective and personal transformation through commitment to a sacred vibrational message for 40 consecutive days.

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Seer of Truth, Mystic, Wanderer

It is my humble desire to offer my teachings & native wisdom to guide & witness the deepening of your full Self-Expression. I began walking my Path to Truth in 2001... a Path that has taken many turns but still continues due North. I'm grateful to have studied & lived the ancestral teachings of yoga, Ayurvedic food & lifestyle, and Shamanic earth-centered healing along the way.

Meet Shruthi (she/hers)
Sprout of light

"Shruthi offers deep and beautiful insight to all her clients. Her ability to see beyond people's blind spots, illuminating previously dormant possibilities and awakening inner truth in her clients is next level. She has helped me countless times to see what I couldn't see and to embrace my life from a place of patience, wholeness, and compassion. With divine grace, Shruthi will help you turn toward yourself and your life with more love than ever before. "
~ Rayann


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