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A Massive Bid for Self-Preservation

shamanism soul retrieval Mar 19, 2022
goddess and moon

Why am I here?

Why did I leave a comfortable life in Centennial, Colorado? There was certainty there. I had a place to live. I saw my partner every day. Meals were shared. The house was warm and catered to all whims, down to the bidet toilets.

This question isn't going to be answered from the thinking and worrying mind. Or by explaining where I am, or what I am doing. As my mum told me early on in the process, I don't need to justify the situation to anyone. In fact, I don't even need to justify it to myself. 

In truth, the move out of Colorado isn't something I have wanted to talk about. 

The times I have shared casually with someone known in my life, I feel myself veer into 'over-talk' in the attempt to have the individual 'get' what happened, perhaps even empathize with me. And in that process, I take a heart-centered decision and move it into the realms of mind-speak, with the need for the 'other' to fully grasp the fine-tuned workings of my inner self. 

Soul-centered work does not thrive in group approval or majority think. Soul-centered work grows in the rich and loamy soil of self-love and self-knowledge.

In fact, when I ask the question to my Higher Self, the thoughtful response is: "Spirit brought you here in a massive bid for self-preservation."

I can liken this to the shamanic concept of soul loss. When a piece of our soul feels threatened, it leaves our being to preserve itself, with the intention of being returned once it is safe to do so.

In this situation, the forces greater than me recognized that my soul pieces were in harm's way, and rather than remove the individual pieces, Spirit created a path for my whole self to be moved. 

These sacred guides will continue to keep me safe, and show me how to transcend any states of confusion, self-doubt, fear, and perceived powerlessness.

For this, I am infinitely grateful. 


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