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Full Moon Bathing

full moon ritual & ceremony Aug 02, 2020

Moon bathing is a beautiful way to connect with the Full Moon in the summer time. Moon bathing is a passive activity where you can simply receive. 

When we sit in communion with the moon, we receive the calming and protective energy our beautiful celestial body has to offer. The subtle energy of the moon is called Soma. 

Soma is the lunar essence that embodies peace and bliss. Soma also carries cooling energy, so it can offset the heating affect of the long and hot days, a hot environment, and all the other fire-related impacts in our life. With soma and the moon, we can find much needed balance in the Summer months. 


The Practice

Set aside 15 to 30 minutes of unstructured time for this practice. You don't need to set a timer. It is preferred not to carry your phone.

You can moon bathe on the Full Moon day itself, or 2 days before or after. You can also moon bathe for multiple days.

  1. Find an spacious area where the moon is shimmering down on you.
  2. Sit in a chair or lay on the ground (or lounge chair). A light cover is recommended.
  3. Place rose petals (or other available flower) over your heart center.You can also use flower essential oils. Rose petals are helpful to process grief and remember self-love. 
  4. Set an intention for your practice. During the Full Moon, it is helpful to choose something to release.
  5. Come to a place of stillness to receive the moon light. If you find it helpful to work with your breath, you can visualize the moon's energy & light filling your heart center on each inhale, and then visualize the moon's energy & light filling your whole body on the exhale.
  6. Continue communing with the moon until you feel complete.
  7. As a closing, express your gratitude and love for the moon. Give gratitude for the Soma it has imparted to you.

If you find that you are more in tune with nature when you are in movement, you can opt for a leisurely moon stroll. Open the moon stroll with your intention and close with gratitude.

Moon rise

Here are the times the moon will rise around the Full Moon in August.

August 1: 6:53 pm EST
August 2: 7:44 pm EST
August 3: 8:29 pm EST
August 4: 9:09 pm EST
August 5: 9:45 pm EST

Depending on what time of night you want to moon bathe, you can choose when to practice. Enjoy the radiance and splendor of this August Moon.


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