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Moon Mantra

full moon mantra therapy Jun 05, 2020

The mantra “Om Som Somaya Namaha” speaks its devotion to Chandra - the mystical and magical moon. Chandra translates from Sanskrit to bright and shining.

Chanting the Moon Mantra brings special power on the Full Moon. It can also be harnessed as a regular practice on the Moon Day, or Monday. 

Being with the Mantra

You can relate in different ways to the mantra. It can be spoken once at the exact time of the Full Moon. It can also be orchestrated as a full chant with 108 repetitions. For this practice you can use a mala bead, with each bead denoting one repetition of the mantra. If you don’t have a mala, you can set a timer for 15 minutes, which is the approximate time it takes to chant 108 repetitions of this particular mantra.

Reciting the Mantra

For a Sanskrit mantra to embody its true form and purpose, it must be spoken with full belief in its power and pronounced well. Here is a brief recording of the Moon Mantra [I intend to hold a live chanting session of the full 108 repetitions once I can secure some musical accompaniment!]

As you prepare to chant, find a comfortable space and seat. If you can sit outside with the moon bathing you directly, of course opt for that.

Close your eyes. Bring a vision of the shimmering moon to your minds eye. Expand your heart and feel the qualities of brightness, purity, and compassionate reflection. State your intentions prior to beginning the chanting. The Full Moon is a such a potent time to state your desires for yourself and world around you! You can lean on the following prayer as a starting point.


Full Moon Mantra Prayer

May the light of this full moon flow brightly inside of me.

May the pure light dislodge and clear away any thoughts, emotions, and patterns that stand in my own way.

May space be cleared to hear my own harmony.

May the same light of Chandra bathe all members and life forms of the planet.

May the Universal Truths be loudly and soundly heard, understood, and lived.

May the light and brightness of Soma show the way out of the darkness.

May the love and compassion of the Moon be what matters most ... today and for all the days to come.


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