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Second Spring (Menopause) :: Self-Care Routine

mythic quest self-care May 28, 2021
A bubble of love

I'm entering my third year of perimenopause, and overall the whole process has packed a punch. Read more about my journey here

Though, these days, I have discovered a self-care routine that has helped calm a lot of symptoms, as well as address some underlying root causes of the symptoms.

The approach I have settled on, after much trial and tribulation, is healing through nourishment. To plump up, care for, and devote to my nourishment bubble. To repair any cracks or areas of energetic weakness. 

My approach to supporting my nourishment bubble is this:

  • Slow down, slow down, slow down
  • Replenish vital stores of energy, known in Ayurvedic Medicine as ojas
  • Restore the nervous system
  • Not put any more burden on the adrenals


Nourishment Bubble

Our nourishment bubbles look similar to how Ayurvedic Medicine describes ojas. They are a dazzling container of our most essential and precious resources of energy, vitality, and immunity. The nourishment bubble serves to protect, surround, support, and feed us. When our nourishment bubbles are full and juicy, we are able to draw from its reservoirs of sweet nectar.

One of my teachers, Amadea Morningstar, also likens ojas to a glittery lake, full of potential, depth, and support to all life inside of it. When ojas has shrunk, it resembles more of a muddy little puddle. You can tell when ojas has shrunk because everything gets to you more. There is a limited barrier of protection, a limited auric field, to soften the processing of our day-to-day situations and stimulations.



These are the main symptoms I sought to address through the Nourishment Bubble Self-Care Plan.

  • Hot flashes: these have been pretty intense! At the height they occurred very often at night, and then also begun during the day after receiving the Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Challenges sleeping through the night: I have heard stories similar to mine, where people who were sensitive sleepers got even more challenged with the onset of the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause. My hint that nourishment was key to healing was my body waking up at the worry hour (2-3AM) and the onset of more frequent hot flashes during those early hours.
  • Overwhelming anxiety: I do run on the anxious side, but the anxiety I experience now is compounded by the hormonal changes. 
  • Fatigue and low energy: The challenged sleep and the taxed adrenals both contribute to these symptoms.


Nourishment Bubble Self-Care Routine Commitment

As this routine began to assemble itself, I devoted myself to it for a minimum of 30-days. It does take time to get in the groove to taking supplements regularly, finding joy in the longer meditations, making good food choices. 

I did need to gain family support for this routine, as my meals were going to be different on some days, and I was adding a longer wind-down evening routine.

This self-care routine isn't glamorous! It does take sacrifice (a word that has been translated to the process of making things sacred), but the amazing news is that it has worked. And 30-days weren't quite enough, as when I began to stray from the routine the symptoms started back up. What this means is that re-building a nourishment barrier takes time, much dedication, but is absolutely helpful in this transition to greatness.


Nourishment Bubble Self-Care Details

Morning Routine (7-8AM)

  • Morning mediation and connection to Spirit (15 to 45 minutes): Recommitting wholeheartedly to a morning meditation has been really really key! I often wake up ready to take on the world and get to my business (hangovers from my days in the corporate world). This method, however, leads to running out of steam by early afternoon, after which I am taking from adrenal and ojas reserves. This morning pause helps to slow down life, regulate energy consumption, and remember the Divine in all I do.
  • Chia seed elixir: The first drink I take in the morning is a mix of 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in a cup of warm water. This helps to nourish nervous tissue, build plasma, hydrate the body, and assist with elimination.
  • Light oil massage (Abhyanga): This summer I am using almond oil which hydrates the skin without feeling oily. 
  • Limit caffeine: I haven't drunk much caffeine in a few years due to how dried out I can get in the high altitude of Colorado, but I notice the impact is even more during this transition. I also recently learned that the adrenals and ovaries are very impacted by caffeine consumption


Mid-morning Routine (~10AM)

  • Fish oil: nourishes nervous tissue
  • Ashwagandha: helps with energy levels and how the body responds to stress, balances hormones, restores sleep
  • St. John's wort: promotes a sunny mood, reduces hot flashes
  • Magnesium-glycinate: promotes muscle relaxation and rebuilding adrenals. Magnesium-glycinate is superior to magnesium-citrate as it stays in the system longer to do its thing


Lunch Routine (12-1PM)

  • Eat proteins: these can be a source of B-vitamins which help with brain fog and stress support (whole grains and dairy are also good sources of B-vitamins). Proteins also can be really calming and yin building. Since I have a lot of air in my system, I avoid beans in favor of well-sourced meat (this brand is very ethical), tofu (phytoestrogens also help), tempeh, and nuts.
  • Eat grounding foods (e.g. yams, ghee, khichari, bone broth)
  • Eat meals sitting down in a calm location and situation, preferable with my beloveds


Mid-Afternoon Routine (~4PM)

  • 1 scoop of collagen powder in water: this was upon recommendation of my acupuncturist, who says collagen is essential in building yin.
  • Shot of aloe vera: aloe vera is both amazing to stay hydrated, as well as cool the whole body down. These shots can be taken anytime they are needed.
  • Calming/transitional activity: This piece is key to a good nights sleep and building nourishment. I find that it's essential to honor the movement from our work life to evening life. Some options are: a short walk, a yoga nidra, a yoga practice, painting, creative endeavors. Ideally there is purpose and presence during this time to fully enter into the evening hours.
  • Green time! Any time in nature is a soothing and calming to the whole mind-body-spirit complex.
  • Second doses of fish oil, ashwagandha, magnesium, and St. John's wort


Dinner Routine (6-7PM)

  • Similar to lunch


Bedtime Routine (~8PM)

  • Start early: for sleep-challenged folks, it is useful to begin the calming of mind 2 hours before sleeping.
  • Night meditation (15 to 45 minutes): these meditations are honestly saving my life. If I don't sit before bed, my thoughts cycle in my mind all night and infiltrate my rich dream life. Ideally I'm meditating until my mind is rested, and at a minimum for 15 minutes.
  • Journaling: If I'm too tired to meditate, I'll journal instead, with the same intention of clearing my mind. 
  • Magnesium spray: wonderful to release the muscles and mind, particularly when we are 'tired and wired'
  • Release media: I typically turn away from media two hours before bed, and turn off our WIFI router before bed.


Sleep support

  • Water visualization: If I'm waking up with hot flashes, I like to visualize myself in a river of cool water, being bathed completely. I visualize myself laying down in a shallow river, with the water entering my crown, coursing through all channels inside, and exiting through the soles of my feet.
  • Wish Garden Sleepy Nights for Kids: this is a great formula to take if you wake up at night (the kid formula has less alcohol).



This is my daily self-care routine, and I also have weekly and monthly things I do, but I'll stop here as this is a lot to digest.

I realize this routine is quite detailed! I aim to complete 80% of it each day, with an emphasis on the pieces that are the most helpful. Pick and choose what works for you. 

Many blessings on your journeys!







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