Mantra Therapy

Hear your Heart's Song

What is Mantra Therapy?

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation.

Mantra therapy is a practice of devotion and heart-centered awareness cultivated through being with a sacred vibrational message for 40 consecutive days (or longer!). The mantra is chanted for 108 repetitions per day in a devote space, at roughly the same time each day. Over time, the mantra will be with you even outside of your formal practice time.

The discipline of mantra therapy can:

  • Open a healing gateway
  • Manifest intentions
  • Bring personal and collective shifts through sound healing
  • Instill a daily devotional routine
Beautiful gold mantra with bird flying on top of it

Types of Mantra

There are many types of Sanskrit mantras. The mantra can be focus on a celestial object, such as the sun or a planet, a deity, such as Goddess Tara, or a healing concept, such as calling in abundant health.

Samples of a few mantras are below. All of these mantras, plus many more, can provide a healing gateway when taken on during a 40-day devoted period.

Image of a moon over a glittery gold background

Moon Mantra

Om Chandraya Namaha
Om and salutations to Chandra, presiding spirit of the Moon

Depiction of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles

Ganesha Mantra

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha
Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed.

Depiction of the effulgence of light

Self-empowerment Mantra

Om Eim Hrim Klim Chamundayei Vichei Namaha
Om and salutations to she who is raidant with power and wisdom.

Mantra Therapy Services

To receive a personal mantra & support for your 40-day practice, book a session below. 

An image of a mala with 108 beads

40-day Mantra Therapy

Your personal mantra will be chosen based on your current concerns, what you wish to see shift in your life, and the guidance I receive.

Includes: intake call, mid-point check-in, & completion call

Investment: $135

An image of an agni hotra, or fire ceremony in the Hindu tradition

Gayatri Mantra Ceremony

A Gayatri mantra ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the benefits and shifts created by the culmination of your 40-day mantra therapy practice.

Investment: $108

Book a Mantra Therapy Session
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