Shamanic Healing

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanic healing is an ancient earth-centered method of receiving guidance, healing the spirit, and unlocking hidden potential through direct revelation to divine intelligence. 

Through time-honored shamanic practices, you can communicate directly with the unseen world, receive messages of hope, and reclaim your sacred mission in this lifetime.

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How shamanism can help

Shamanic practices heal at the energetic and spiritual level, with tangible ripples in the physical world. Below are a few types of situations where shamanism can help:

  • Being at a place of stuckness in your life
  • Not feeling like yourself 
  • A desire to acquaint with your true self and life purpose
  • Releasing unhealthy attachments to people and situations
  • Lifting your vibration and spirits through simple rituals and ceremony 

Shamanic Healing Services

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Full Session

In a full shamanic healing session, you will experience a restoration of your vital essence, maintenance of your self and space, and/or guidance on your soul medicine. 

Investment: $133 for a 90-minute session

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Divination is an ancient tool of receiving Spirit guidance to our questions. This method ensures that answers received serve your highest purpose and are heart- and love-centered. 

Investment: $90 for 1-hour session

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Ritual and Ceremony

Rituals & ceremonies are a powerful ways to create and enter a current of bliss. In general, rituals are performed for a specific number of days, and ceremonies are performed once. Your ritual/ceremony will be personalized to your desires and needs in the present moment. 

Investment: TBD on ritual/ceremony

Sliding scale is available for those in need. Please apply here.

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Session Logistics

Shamanic healings are held remotely. The session may be real-time, in that the intake happens at the same time that the healing does.

The healing may also happen over two time periods, with the intake being held first, and the healing happening within 3 to 5 days after.

The Spirits will let me know what is best for you.

If you would like to chat about shamanic healing and your place in it, schedule a complimentary chat.

Schedule a 15-minute complimentary chat

I originally spoke with Shruthi because I was struggling with anxiety at night and not sleeping well. She has literally saved my life! I didn’t realize how much I needed her and the healing she performed. It was deeper than just anxiety, and lack of good sleep. This experience has been nothing short of amazing. I feel my energy has shifted and feel free again. Thank you for giving me clarity. This is beyond what I expected! Shruthi is truly a gifted healer.

Shruthi exudes warmth and welcoming as she guides you skillfully in to the truth of your heart. She creates and holds a space where everything from sadness to fear to joy and beyond is invited. She compassionately greeted my hesitations and questions, and provided what i needed so that i could deepen into my experience in a loving and supported way. If you want a transformative experience that involves nourishment on all levels, Shruthi is the perfect guide for you!
~ KP

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My Experience

My informal experience of Shamanism began in my youth when I found myself spending long periods of time outside, being with and performing simple rituals with the natural world.

My papa was an ally in this love, and would take us on yearly family excursions to National Parks. During our first visit to Sequoia National Park I fell deeply in love with the smells and sounds of forest life and learned of my sacred and life-giving connection to trees. 

I began formalizing my healing practices in 2017 with a 3-year shamanic practitioner training in Boulder, Colorado. Thank you to all the forces, to all the people, and to my beloved Nature teachers, who all enable me to practice openly and live a life of service.


  • 2022 - present
    Apprenticeship in "Throwing of the Bones Ceremony" with JoAnne Dodgson in Medanales, NM

  • 2020
    Awaken and Rebalance Yourself and Our World with Feminine Alchemy with Ariel Spilsbury

  • 2017-2019
    The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing: A Three-Year Professional Training and Initiation in Boulder, CO

  • 2018
    Maya Healing Hut with Yucateca Maya Traditions
    Herbal Healing Arts in Boulder CO

  • 2016
    Partnering with Compassionate Spirits: An Introduction to Essential Shamanism

  • 2016
    Introduction To Shamanic Journeying
    Sacred Hoop Ministry in Woodland Park, CO

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