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Shruthi Bajaj, MEd

Shamanic Truth | Ayurvedic Food and Wellness | Tree Communion

Image of Shruthi from Shamanic Practitioner graduation

Hello and Welcome

Shruthi reflects the ocean of truth—hers and ours. Her gifts of medicine and healing are found within the nourishing waters of love. And as the ocean nourishes all life within it, Shruthi shares her lived experience of Ayurveda to guide others in remembering and claiming their innate healing wisdom.

Also part of her practice, Shruthi uses shamanic healing as heart, spirit, and nature exploration. Her extended study of this ancient modality has brought structure to Shruthi’s deep, prayerful communications with the unseen and natural worlds, and expanded her knowledge of how to heal one’s spirit.

Shruthi loves being a beacon and ally for people to discover, commit to, and endure on their paths.

More about me

I am indebted to my family of origin. From my papa I experienced National Park trips, camping, and long walks on the beach.

From my mum, I learned devotional practices, discipline and the joy of cooking and sharing meals with your community.

My sister Surbhi continues to show me how to use my voice and move through the world fearlessly.

My brother Saurabh is a beacon of unapologetic living in the freedom of his heart.

I am also indebted to my chosen family, who reside in Centennial Colorado.

From my partner Johnny, I have understood the true meaning of unconditional love & devotion. Without his rock-like support, I'd surely fly away.   

From his son Mark, I remember how to laugh, how to be silly, and how precious our human life is. 

And lastly, I am in love with my forest family, everywhere really, but mostly all the trees I have met on my forays into nature in California, New Mexico, and Colorado.

My vast forest family continually shows me how to live outside my comfort zones, how to be still, and how to cherish the vastness and utter beauty of our life on the planet. 

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